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  • Supbuttercup


    February 28, 2012 by Supbuttercup

    So recently I have seen a lot of new people joining this wiki. I just wanted to say hello and welcome to all of the new people. I have been on the iCarly wiki for almost a year and have made some great friends on this site. If you are new and reading this please comment and tell us about yourself and all that. I am sure that I'm the only one who wants to know more about you.

    Feel free to talk to me on chat and 99% of the time I'll answer but ya never know.

    I'm not too smart with all the technical stuff and I'm not an admin so if you want to know about all the details ask an admin (there is a list in the about section of the wiki)

    The people who have been on this wiki for a long time are also welcomed to comment and tell the new kids on the bl…

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  • Supbuttercup

    Parental Controls

    December 26, 2011 by Supbuttercup

    So I know that my appearances on chat have been minimal for the past few months... I LOVE to talk to you guys and I wish I could chat every single day, but my computer has parental controls. That means that some website and pages are blocked, one page that is blocked is the iCarly chat. It's not because of its a chat room, I checked other wikis like Degrassi and they are not blocked. If any admins are reading this and know of some way to help me and some other users who are cursed by Net Nanny it would be great.

    I would love to contribute to the site more and I can't when it's blocked. The Net Nanny claims that the page contains "Adult/Mature" and "Pornographic" content, but I know that anyone who was posting stuff like that would be blocke…

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  • Supbuttercup

    Tumblr Anyone?

    November 15, 2011 by Supbuttercup

    So I am quite new to tumblr. I want to have more followers, and I want to follow more people! SOOOO... if you have a tumblr (or a certain blog you like) comment with the link and I will make sure to follow.

    I never get any messages so send me a shout out. You don't even have to know me from the wiki, we come form the same fandom isn't that enough?

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  • Supbuttercup

    Ok so lots of people are leaving because of fanwars. Everyone seems to be complaining about them. But fanwars are different than expressing opinions on ships, even if sometimes it get a little heated. Plenty of people are saying down with fanwars which I think is censorship. As long as the comments on ships doesn't get out of control it's fine. And as long as there is no ship bashing, people should be able to share their opinions and why without people leaving the wiki and making numerous blog posts about it.

    Personally I LOVE to hear what people think about their ships and hear what they have to say so I can get a feel of why they like Seddie, Creddie or any ship for that matter. So don't silence the people on this wiki, because I see way more p…

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  • Supbuttercup

    Big News

    September 12, 2011 by Supbuttercup

    SO if you read fanfiction for iCarly than you may know CeliseShiper (SCherry08 on the wiki) and it's called a brain. get one (me). IF you do know us or you WANT to know us you can check us BOTH out on our new collab channel called TwoHeadsAreBetterThan1. Yes we have decided to write some stories together and collabing is like marrige for fanfiction so this is BIG NEWS! We hope to publish soon and that you will enjoy.

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