Ok so lots of people are leaving because of fanwars. Everyone seems to be complaining about them. But fanwars are different than expressing opinions on ships, even if sometimes it get a little heated. Plenty of people are saying down with fanwars which I think is censorship. As long as the comments on ships doesn't get out of control it's fine. And as long as there is no ship bashing, people should be able to share their opinions and why without people leaving the wiki and making numerous blog posts about it.

Personally I LOVE to hear what people think about their ships and hear what they have to say so I can get a feel of why they like Seddie, Creddie or any ship for that matter. So don't silence the people on this wiki, because I see way more people complaining about who ships what than ship bashing. So if you are in the middle of what some would call a "fanwar" just say, "This is my opinion and thats yours," but don't disrespect ANY ships.

I hope I didn't offend anyone, but this is what I have been seeing a lot of this lately and it's sort of offending me that lots of people are blowing the conversations about ships out of proportion.

****Let me know if you see any spelling errors, I hate them and I don't know how to spell check on this***

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