Anyone who knows me well knows that I love iCarly. It's my favorite show, and I never get tired of watching it. But there is one thing that really bugs me: Carly's Mary Sue tendencies. Here's a list of why I'm worried that she may become a Mary Sue.

  1. Every. Single. Guy. Likes. Her. It drives me nuts! I mean, 752 guys?!
  2. Everyone except for the bad guys (and Mrs. Benson, but she is a villain at times) adores her.
  3. She seems to be good at basically everything.
  4. We rarely see Carly be truly mean or selfish. She's always the nicest girl you'll ever meet.
  5. This would all be not so bad if she were a supporting character, but nope! She's the main one, which makes it even worse.

So, Dan, if you're reading this, please heed my warning! Let us prevent the creation of another Mary Sue!

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