So, I know I often refer to Carly as a Mary Sue (which I still think is at least partly true). But here, I'm gonna talk about Carly's low points. Why? Because, honestly, if I met Carly (not Miranda... she's awesome) in real life, I would probably hate her. I would HATE HER with a passion! Freddie, Spencer and Gibby- I would probably like them right away. Sam I would grow to like, but Carly... ugh.

So, here's a quick list.

  1. She gets everything she wants. Literally. Boys, privileges, you name it. Carly wants it, it's hers.
  2. On the (extremely) rare occasion that she doesn't get what she wants, she throws a huge tantrum (iLook Alike). And not an ordinary, teenage hissy fit, I mean huge. In all fairness, Sam did this, too (iWas a Pageant Girl), but I personally don't think that she was serious when she did it. Carly, on the other hand, was. She actually said that she expected Spencer to give her what she wanted. ("Right when you stopped giving me what I want!")
  3. She constantly manipulates Freddie. Granted, she hasn't done "Please, for me?" in a while, but the manipulation hasn't stopped. Carly: I thought that you wanted me as your future wife. Freddie: Could it happen? Carly: Could NOT happen. ...Seriously, Carly? What was the point of asking if you were just gonna shoot him down? Personally, I'm beginning to think she enjoys manipulating Freddie.
  4. This is just a personal, nitpick-y thing, but TOO MUCH KISSES! (But the last one in the elevator was cute, I - begrudgingly- admit.)

So, this concludes my rant. Feel free to leave your own rants in the comments.

Susie/Susieboo22 Signing Out!

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