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  • Sweet4421

    Game: Favorites

    October 25, 2011 by Sweet4421

    Hey! I have a game for everyone. I saw this on the Victorious Wiki not that long ago and thought we could play it. Basically it's like This or That, but you just ask a question insead of giving options. Also comment above the other person. It will keep the page neat

    Example ~

    Lets say the first question is what is your favorite color

    User 1: Blue Favorite Singer?

    User 2: Lady Gaga Favorite Food?

    User 3: Popcorn Favorite Season?

    And it goes on. Have fun playing

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  • Sweet4421

    New Game!

    October 9, 2011 by Sweet4421

    Hey! I have a new game. It doesn't really have a title, but my sister showed me this game. Whatever the persons says, you have to say something that beats it.

    Example ~

    User 1 - A tree

    User 2 - An ax

    User 3 - The ax breaks

    User 1 - Duct Tape

    Hope this makes sense! This game is really fun and random. Just comment above and don't be afriad to get cerative!

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  • Sweet4421

    Bigfoot: True or Real

    September 12, 2011 by Sweet4421

    Heyyyyy! So today is was watching iBelive in Bigfoot and that made me wonder, is bigfoot real. I think no because its not likely that a creature like that is living in the woods. But I do beleve in the saquach or however you spell it (Jk its a joke lol) So do you guys think its real?

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  • Sweet4421

    Heyyyy! As most of you know there was an earthquake in the east coast. I wanna hear what happened If u were in it if u werent i wanna hear about a natural disaster that you have been in. Heres what happened to me. I live in Maryland so i was about 200mi away from where it happened(if you dont know it happened in VA about 100mi from DC) My mom and my friend, Kelsey were in the tv room and me and my friend Olivia were in the kitchen(the rooms are sperated by a half wall) Olivia wanted mac n cheese so we were making it. I had turned of stove (good thing 2) and then my mom asked if anyone felt the house shaking. I was jokingly thinking to myself hahaha it must be an earthquake(normaly i would think a plane/big truck must b pasing by, but y i t…

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  • Sweet4421

    Seddie or Creddie

    August 5, 2011 by Sweet4421

    Hey everyone. I wanted to know what do you ship, Seddie or Creddie. Im a Seddie fan but i was wondering who had more fan.

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