Heyyyy! As most of you know there was an earthquake in the east coast. I wanna hear what happened If u were in it if u werent i wanna hear about a natural disaster that you have been in. Heres what happened to me. I live in Maryland so i was about 200mi away from where it happened(if you dont know it happened in VA about 100mi from DC) My mom and my friend, Kelsey were in the tv room and me and my friend Olivia were in the kitchen(the rooms are sperated by a half wall) Olivia wanted mac n cheese so we were making it. I had turned of stove (good thing 2) and then my mom asked if anyone felt the house shaking. I was jokingly thinking to myself hahaha it must be an earthquake(normaly i would think a plane/big truck must b pasing by, but y i thought quake im not sure) Kelsey said she felt it but me and Olivia didn't feel it. Then we herd a crash and me and Olivia felt it. I saw the whole house shaking and my mom told us to get outside. We ran outside and the cars were shaking up and down. We yelled at my brother and his friends to get outside(they were in the garage) We were shaking for a few more seconds and then we were talking with ppl. When we went back inside we found out that a football and a picture of Cal Ripkin fell over and a china cup broke(thats no big deal we have a lot of them). Also the quake opened the pantry door and the drawer w/ sliver where in it. We found out later that it was 5.9 and there was an aftershock of 2.8 that we didn't feal. Let me know what happened to you:)

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