• Tasha-hahaha

    iOMG has just passed getting everyone into a major frenzy.
    I am Seddie fan BUT in this post I'm just a neutral shipper.

    In general(excluding the last scene)I really enjoyed the episode.
    I adored the Carly and Freddie scene(about the barn & horses)
    & I loved the Carly and Sam scene(extra ham?)

    So in my own personal opinion one of the best iCarly eps(excluding the kiss).
    Everyone was really HIGHLARIOUS.

    BUT I loved/hated the last scene.
    Loved well that's pretty obvious not gonna elaborate there.
    Hated cause I HATE cliffhangers.They get me all on edge.
    So 2 parts of the scene I REALLY wanna get it out.

    Numero Uno!(Number 1)
    After Sam pulled away from the kiss.
    Freddie went "I...."
    You what Freddie WHATTTT??!!
    Are you in love with Carly?Do you share the sam…

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  • Tasha-hahaha

    iCarly fans!(Both shippers & non-shippers)
    Are you guys looking forward to any particular scene or episodes in future iCarly episodes?

    I'm looking forward to;

    • iDo(The iCarly gang look super awesumm!,and the scene where Freddie gets mad at Sam[: )
    • iHire an Idiot(Scene where Freddie and Carly have an intense moment in the hall)

    P/S:Do you guys find it weird that Dan managed to name one of the episodes with the word "idiot" in it?Or is it just me?

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  • Tasha-hahaha

    I'm a huge fan of iCarly,& I'm very imaginative.
    So sometimes when I watch iCarly,I always wondered what the following episodes would be like if the endings were changed or tweaked.
    Some episodes where I wanted the endings changed

    • iSpeed Date
    • iQuit iCarly
    • iWas A Pageant Girl
    • iTwin
    • iGot A Hot Room

    I would change the endings basically cause I support Seddie & also of the shortage of time(30 minutes per episode is NOT ENOUGH!),there are some aspects of a story which personally I think could be be extended

    I would like EVERYONE's opinion not just Seddie or Creddie shippers[:

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