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March 9, 2011
  • Tay-Tay536

    I posted this on my deviant page too! I edited it a little to make my point's a pain to go through all those editing pages to get what you want on deviant sometimes...anyways!

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    V V

    "I think I've made it clear, with the pics and groups I've joined that I like Cam. It's cute.

    Now I have a page on iCarly wiki...and you's fine if you love Seddie or whatever pairing you love. I don't really love any pair other than Cam but I do respect them.

    And after seeing iOMG Seddie is more than likely to happen. I'm happy for all Seddie lovers that this episode happened. Because I respect the fact that you are so loyal.

    But don't be a psycho fan and rage about other pairings thoughts on it that shine in a negative way on your lov…

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  • Tay-Tay536

    Check out my fanfic [Thing That's Your life] if you're into Cam. Writing this story and checking some other facts got me wondering if there's anything possible to make Nick and other networks (not sure if there are any) that broadcasts to teens and 'Tweens'. They don't seem to understand that the age group they're showing these shows to is when kids start to wonder why they feel how they do, and I'm not saying watching shows like iCarly (which could or could not eventually be more open to gays) is going to explain it. But watching something with gays that are open about it may make them see that it IS okay. Maybe not accepted very much, but that it happens yunno. I'm not explaining it very well...

    Okay...if someone like me (an open lesbian)…

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