I posted this on my deviant page too! I edited it a little to make my point's a pain to go through all those editing pages to get what you want on deviant sometimes...anyways!

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"I think I've made it clear, with the pics and groups I've joined that I like Cam. It's cute.

Now I have a page on iCarly wiki...and you's fine if you love Seddie or whatever pairing you love. I don't really love any pair other than Cam but I do respect them.

And after seeing iOMG Seddie is more than likely to happen. I'm happy for all Seddie lovers that this episode happened. Because I respect the fact that you are so loyal.

But don't be a psycho fan and rage about other pairings thoughts on it that shine in a negative way on your loved pairing.

I fully support any shippings right to exist and their opinions. Everybody else should be mature enough to do the same if you're well over 13. Hell even if you're 12. Especially if your 16 and above.

Grow up! Quit acting like pissy mutant babies when people try and disprove Seddie, Creddie, Cam, Spam...or whatever pairing you like."

Just support your pairing! That should be enough, that you're a loyal fan of your favorite shipping and you don't act like a brat to others.

You know how many comments I saw on deviant about this crap? To many...stop being super psycho fans and tone it down a notch or two.

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