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    Congratulations to iGo Somewhere Warm for winning July's featured story!

    iGo Somewhere Warm, by StraightACarlaay, follows the main iCarly characters on their trip to Puerto Rico, with mishaps and drama along the way. Currently has 53 comments.

    Congrats to StraightACarlaay for having the first featured story on the iCarly Fanfiction Wiki!

    --"Look, Wings!" ♥Yes, Gwen, wings are way more important. 23:48, August 22, 2011 (UTC)

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    August 21, 2011 by TeamMu

    Hello guys! This game is called iQuestion. The objective of the game is to always make sure your replies to a question are always in the form a question too. Also, the question has to relate to the previous question.

    For Example:

    User 1: Why is my icon a picture of Creddie?

    User 2: Why do you like Creddie?

    User 3: Don't you think Carly and Freddie are so cute?

    User 4: Is Sam natually blonde?

    User 5: Are you blonde?

    User 6: Why do you care if I am?

    These are only examples. Also, no repeating questions. Good luck!

    Random person can start. (:

    --"Look, Wings!" ♥Yes, Gwen, wings are way more important. 22:49, August 21, 2011 (UTC)

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    What are/were you favorite episodes of your least favorite TV shows?

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    The Wolf Game

    August 19, 2011 by TeamMu

    Sorry, my computer is preventing me from making blogs. :(

    Anyway, the Wolf Game can be played in the iCarly Chat.

    One person is the host.

    Now the host's job is to PM everyone who is playing and tell them whether they are a villager, visiter, or wolf.

    A villager does nothing and waits for further instructions.

    A visiter's job is to go visit or party with one of the players every night. To do that, tell the host in PM who they want to visit. Remember, it has to be one of the remaining players.

    • This is good because this can prevent them from being killed by the villagers or being eaten by the wolf, but this can also be bad because if a visiter accidentally visits the wolf they are automatically eaten.

    A wolf is to kill someone every night. To do that, tell …

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    Hey guys, who else was pretty excited when Sam mentioned her dad for the first time in the entire show. It was only a passing comment, but it was epic anyways! :DD

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