Hiya iCarly people! I tried to create something that might help with rainbow text a little (this is in the making.):

{{Rainbowtext|||||||||}} (BTW, there are nine straight lines in all.)

The thing is to insert a word after the first line in that template. Like:

{{Rainbowtext|They}} That word will become red.

Then you add a second word after the NEXT line:

{{Rainbowtext|They| were}}

And so on. Until you get:

{{Rainbowtext|They| were| eating| magic| cookies!||||}}

Even if you don't need all nine lines, be sure to add them in.

The result is:

They were eating magic cookies!

Hope this can somewhat help! If it doesn't, I guarantee you 50% repay.

--Look, Wings!Yes Gwen, wings are way more important than the talk you are having now. 17:08, June 11, 2011 (UTC)

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