hey, guys, this is a story I've thought of about creddie, enjoy!

Freddie benson got up and buried his head in the pillow, today was the day carly was going to meet his completely narcacistic, drainingly upstaging, egotistical brat of a cousin, tanner, and the worst part was that tanner looked exactly like freddie.

Walking into the familiar studio with tanner, freddie got the response he expected from everyone:

sam- "oh,great, first gibby's head, now the whole of you!"

spencer- "aw man, why didn't they test human cloning out on me first"

carly's response pretty much killed him

carly-"hey,freddie, your clone's cute!" and after some distinct flirting from tanner, freddie made it clear that tanner would just have to BACK OFF!

carly was confused "I thought you were over liking me", that made sam remember something "no he isn't, not if a long , awkward pause after saying something means you're lying" "ok, fine" freddie admitted "I'm still totaly in love with carly taylor shay, it doesn't make a differance because the thoght of me with her makes sam wanna puke blood,and carly just wants to be friends!" then, in what freddie thought was the best moment of his entire life, carly KISSED him! saying "depends on weather you're cool with living with the constant pain anymore", after that,there was a long silence, and all freddie could hear was the sound of his racing heart.

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