You may say iCarly has become about relationships, buts its NOT.

iKiss -

It was the comdey of everyone picking on Freddie that drove the episode (including Feddie getting revenge on Sam), not the kiss itself.

iTwins -

Here, it was the comedy of Freddie believing that Sam was Melony that drove the episode, not Meddie or Seddie.

iSpeed Dance -

It was the comedy of Freddie and Carly having the worse dates ever that drove the episode, not the Creddie material in itself.

iThink They Kissed -

It was the comedy of Carly going crazy because she "knows this insane secret she's not suppose to know" :P . Not any Creddie material (In fact, it was cut out).

iSaved Your Life - Just about the only exception where the relationship was the main point...however, the Spam painball war served as the backdrop comedy, featured hugely throughtout the episode.

iStart A Fan War -

The main point was that the fans were deluded as hell.

iOMG -

The main point was the comedy of Carly trying to get Sam with Brad.

iLost My Mind -

The main point was the comedy of the kids attempting to bust Sam out the mental rehab.

iCan't Take It -

The comedy was that Sam and Freddie's fights.

Take this into considerartion. Took me 10 minutes to write :)

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