Last weekend, a boy named Jamey Rodemeyer hung himself outside his Brooklyn home. Rodemeyer had been bullied due to the fact that he hang out with girls. Words like "fag" or "faggot" often rang through his ears in the hallways.

Rodemeyer considered himself bi in videos he posted on YouTube, but he declared that he was gay in a Tumblr blog.

Bullying can drive people over the edge. I've been bullied when I've been at school. I've nearly been driven over the edge, but I've been able to prevent any suicidal thoughts.

So, what does Jamey Rodemeyer have to do with iCarly? Well, he's not something that relates to iCarly, but it often relates to all of us, the fans.

So, here's my request. Write a comment below talking about a bullying situation that you once had.

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