(Just for the record, the contents of this blog post are not in any way meant to be insulting. I'd just like to note this because it jeopardize's my chances of staying on the wiki.)

"Carly's a freak." "Carly's dumb." "Creddie is cruddie." "Seddie is dumb." "Cam will never happen." "Freddie's stupid."

(please not that some of these are wild exaggerations of real comments)

These are the kinds of comments that I often find in the comments section all over the wiki. I find them on shippings, I find them in episodes, I find them on character pages!

Seriously, guys! Who cares what the character is?! They're fictional! They're from the [really] creative mind of Dan Schneider! They only exists on that tiny TV screen sitting in front of you (or computer screen, depending where you are). I don't really care if they don't look nice, if they do something that's dumb, if they're crud (what is crud anyway?)! They are just fictional people!

Mind you, this is a personal opinion, but should people really argue about this kind of stuff?

Comment, people. Give me your opinion.

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