The first chapter in Demon.


Spike was a demon.

Well, that's a pretty good beginning, isn't it?

Anyway, Spike was a demon, and he wasn't happy.

He had been living in Hell for years, and something had kicked him out. That's not what he was mad about though: he was mad that someone had put him there in the first place.

Now, Spike was roaming the dark and empty highway, searching for the coven of witches who had sent him to hell in the first place.

But first, he needed food. Looking around, he spotted a McDonald's in a gas station. He walked over.

The smell of french fries clung to the air as Spike walked in. Spike took a whiff and gagged. Maybe this wasn't the best idea, but he was hungry.

"Welcome to McDonald's, may I take your order?" the person at the counter said. He looked like he was no more than 14.

"Uh, I'll just get a big mac with a side of fries," said Spike. "Oh, and a Pepsi."

"Coming right up," said the counterman.

Spike waited at the counter and glanced down at a cup of water sitting on the counter.

"That yours?" he asked.

"Yeah," said the counterman. "We get a lot of shady people around here."

"What does that have to do with a cup of water?" asked Spike.

"Well, I'll let you in on a little secret," said the counterman. "That's not just any water, that's holy water."

"Yeah?" Spike asked, hiding a twinge of nervousness.

"Yeah," said the counterman. "You see, despite my beliefs, I have this belief that demons walk these highways. And if they ever come into my restaurant..."

"MY restaurant!" the manager called.

"...his restaurant," the counterman groaned. "I'll be ready for them. Your order."

"My what?"

"Your order, sir," said the counterman. "Big Mac, fries, and a Pepsi?"

"Oh, right," said Spike. "Thanks."

Spike tooks his meal and sat down at an empty table. He ate his Big Mac quickly, and tried to ignore the fact that the counterman was looking at him the entire time.

Once he had gulped down his soda, he threw his bags away and ran out of the restaurant. The counterman watched him as he ran into the night.

The counterman glanced at the manager.

"Go get him, T," he said.

T nodded and grabbed his car keys. He ran out of the restaurant and into his car, and hit the ignition.

"You demons are gonna need to learn to avoid demon hunters more often," he muttered to himself.

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