A friend in need is a friend stuck in Doranor's mind.


Lizzy took out a few ingredients and began tossing them in a small bottle.
“What are you doing?” asked TenCents.
“This should allow you to get a link on Wikia Hell,” said Lizzy. “Once you’ve opened the crack, you can throw it into the portal. It’ll open up a channel that’ll allow you to contact the people in Doranor’s mind.”
TenCents took the bottle and looked at it. “This’d better work,” he muttered. He set up a few stones and began pointing various gizmos towards a spot. Once he was ready, he took out two gloves and literally opened a crack in mid-air.
“Yikes,” said Lizzy. “I still can’t figure out how you can do this.”
“Science,” said TenCents, and he dropped the envelope in.
He then threw the potion onto the crack. There was a blast, and an image appeared in front of him. Three people that he felt he knew appeared.
“Well now, wasn’t that a blast?” he asked sarcastically. “Oh, I’m TenCents, by the way.”
“Wait, you’re not here?” a girl asked.
“I know right?” TenCents replied.
“But why?” asked another one.
“If he replies, ‘I know right’ it’s kinda obvious he doesn’t know himself, smart one,” the first one said.
The second one groaned.
“Out of curiosity, which one of you is who?” TenCents asked.
“I’m Candy, and those two fighting chickens are Jessica and Alica,” said the third one. “Anyway, I don’t think you called us to have a happy chit-chat.”
“Very true,” TenCents commented. “Listen, I’ve got a message, and I’ve only got a few moments to tell you.”
“Ok, hurry,” Jessica said.
“I figured out a way to get you guys out of Wikia Hell. But you need to listen to me very carefully. You’re basically in another dimension, right?”
“Right, what’s with it?” asked Alica.
“Well,” said TenCents. “It’s not so much a dimension, it’s…” He paused, noticing something in the background. “Is that SFG?”
SFG, or Lizzy, had walked up behind the group, and was looking at the image. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I was just walking by and saw this weird thing so I decided to watch…”
TenCents looked away from the screen for a moment. The last thing he remembered seeing was who he had thought was Lizzy hitting him on the head with a shovel.

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