Who is the mysterious T? Find out in Demon.


T drove his Camry down the highway.

He had been a demon hunter for as long as he could remember. His father had shown him how to identify a demon, and what materials to use to kill one. He had shown him some exorcsim spells that could be used, and T used these whenever he could.

T loved his job, but it got awfully depressing at times. He had few friends, and he was always stuck at the McDonalds on Route 80, serving Big Macs by the pound, and always having to wait for the approval of Tony the manager to chase after a person. Tony was also a hunter, and T's dad had asked him to watch over T since he was never around.

His dad. Gee, T hadn't seen his dad in months. The last time he saw him, his father had been following up on a case, and told him he would be gone for at least a year. T still saw his mom on occasion, but she was almost never around: if you want to stay alive, you can't live with a demon hunter son.

T shrugged and hooked his eyepod to the stereo. Soon, Hall & Oates music blasted through. T loved Hall & Oates. Maybe they were before his time, but his mom had gotten him into them.

Spike walked down the highway. The moon was getting darker, and it occured to Spike that perhaps taking the highway wasn't the best idea. It also occured to him that running from a demon hunter wasn't a very good idea, either.

T drove and drove. He was beginning to get a bit tired, and he decided that maybe it wasn't the best idea for him to keep on chasing or else he'd stray from McDonald's.

Suddenly, he felt a sudden jolt. Looking around, he grabbed a bottle of holy water and stepped out of the car.

Big mistake. Spike grabbed him and threw him against the car.

"You shouldn't have gotten out of the car," Spike snarled.

"Actually," T said. "I'm more likely to have gotten mauled if I stayed in the car."

"Can't deny that logic," Spike agreed. "But still, I wouldn't mind having blood on my hands."

"I would," said T. "By the way, maybe we should introduce ourselves."

"Great idea!" said Spike. He stuck out his hand. "My name's Spike!"

"My name's T!" said T, and they quickly shook hands. T threw the bottle of holy water in Spike's face as soon as they were done.

Spike screeched and stumbled backwards. "Ok," he growled. "You win this round. But be warned: I'll be back for more!"

"I didn't even realize you could take this," said T. But Spike had vanished.

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