Now officially within the storyline of MIWH! Here is Demon.


"Now what?" asked Lizzy.

TenCents was pacing around the room.

"You know, you're making me dizzy," she said, trying to make the situation a little brighter.

"Doranor took a whole bunch of people from Wikia," said TenCents. "Why didn't he take us?"

"Maybe he thinks you and I are too good for him," said Lizzy, shrugging.

"I doubt it," said TenCents. "Something is up. I can feel it at the tip of my tongue."

Lizzy thought for a moment. "You know, some people have been on iCarly wiki occasionally. Maybe we could find out if we all have something in common?"

"Ok," said TenCents. "You have a computer?"

"How else did we speak on tinychat?" Lizzy asked sarcastically, and she ran to get her laptop.


"Hey, wait a minute," said TenCents. "Could you do a google search for missing persons cases from 3 days ago?"

Lizzy shrugged. "I'm not so good at hacking," she said.

TenCents grabbed the computer and began typing. "There," he announced. "The NSA site."

"Impressive," Lizzy said.

"Cartooniful," TenCents replied. "Now, let's see. Ah, over 60 missing persons cases. Huh...Lizzy, where did Mak23686 live?”

“Umm…Germany,” said Lizzy,




“UK. Out of curiosity, why do you ask?”

TenCents turned the laptop. The over 60 people who had vanished 3 days ago lived in the exact same countries that their Wikia friends lived in.

“Yikes,” said Lizzy. “Is there any news reports about them?”

“Well,” said TenCents. “It looks like the police are trying to find out where they are. Strangely, they haven’t made the connection that all of them vanished around the same time.”

“Why don’t we help them make the connection?” asked Lizzy. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ “So, you think sending cryptic messages will help?” asked TenCents.

“They always help in the movies,” Lizzy replied, shrugging.

“Ok,” said TenCents. He typed up several words on the screen. “There,” he said. “That should help them.”

“What’d you do?”

“I sent the police all the records of the date and time that all of these people disappeared. That should keep them on track.”

“But they won’t find a connection,” Lizzy pointed out.

TenCents thought, and typed some more. “I sent the police a link to iCarly Wiki. If they don’t find the connection there, I’d be surprised.”

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