Ty shivered. It was a dark and stormy night, and his parents were sleeping. They always told him, "Don't be frightened! There's no such thing as a monster under the bed!"

But Ty knew better. Because he had heard the monster. It was snarling and growling. It gnashed its teeth, ready to gnaw him like a gnu while eating gnocchi.

(Hey, it's comedy. Sue me.)

Ty was hiding under his sheets, hoping they could protect him. The noise stopped. Ty, puzzled, peeked out from under the covers.

Big mistake. The monster was standing right above him! Ty opened his mouth to scream...

But didn't. For at that point the monster itself screamed and vanished in a flash of light more spectacular than that fireworks incident that happened at San Diego during the 4th of July! Where the monster once stood was a pile of ash. Standing behind the monster was a guy who looked rather tired and ruffled. He carefully kicked the pile of ash under the bed.

"Just pretend it's dust," the guy yawned. "No one will ever have to know." He proceeded to leave the room.

Ty looked at the open door, puzzled, then under the bed. "Just a bad dream," he decided before passing out.

Author's Note

I got bored. Decided to check in on the demon hunter from heck.

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