Tony: You will need any of these.

  1. A wooden stake
  2. A cross
  3. Holy water
  4. (alternative to 1) A sword made with iron

The sword can easily be replaced by iron chain.

How can you tell if someone's a vampire?

  1. They wear clothes that look like they're from 20 years ago.
  2. They have an aversion to sunlight.
  3. They only come out at night.

(note: numbers 2 and 3 may also apply to a teenager)

Once you have identified the vampire, make it notice you. It will try to entice you to make you follow it. Pretend to believe it. When the moment is ready, open the holy water bottle and throw it into their face. That should distract it. Then take out the cross and hold it against their face again. This will give you enough time to take out your stake or your sword/chain.

With the stake, you need to get a good aim and pierce it squarely through the heart. The vampire will then turn into dust (note: this dust is quite disgusting).

Alternatively, you can use a iron sword to slash the vampire's head off. This will also turn it to dust. You can also use an iron chain and squeeze the vampire's neck off.

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