TenCents: You think all dimensions are alone, do you? You think that you can't jump from one dimension to another?

Ho hum.

You've seen the movies and TV shows. Temporal schisms. Time jumping here and there. Well, in your opinion, temporal schisms don't exist, right? Well they do. It's just unlikely you'll find one.

Temporal schisms aren't limited to your universe, though. Other universes have them. And if you use them correctly, you can use them to see another dimension.

Unfortunately, the reason scientists don't use temporal schisms to view other dimensions. They use up a lot of power. Remember the East Coast blackout? That was caused by a group of scientists working in Boston who were trying to look into another dimension. Eugh. I couldn't shower for days.

Also, there really isn't any use for temporal schisms. After all, what's the use of seeing another dimension if you can't actually go into it?

That's where spells come in handy.

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