They drove for another hour east to Hartford, with Emily sitting in the front, and Amy sitting in the back, while TenCents was driving.

Emily looked at TenCents, who still had that complaint look on his face. "Its not my fault I live an hour east of Hartford," she said. "Blame my parents for making me live here."

"No, it's fine!" TenCents said somewhat sarcastically.

Emily glanced back at Amy, who had dozed off.

"So, whose Miss Sally Sunshine over there?" she asked.

TenCents made sure Amy wasn't awake.

"She's a demon," he said.

Emily moved a few inches away. "A what?"

"A demon," said TenCents. "Last time we met, she knocked me out, but she's helping me figure out the cause of a bunch of mysterious deaths that have been happening lately."

"Can you really trust her?" Emily ask.

"Of course!" TenCents replied. He glanced back at Amy. "At least, I think I can."

"You know, I may be a demon, and I may be asleep," Amy muttered. "But I am certainly not deaf."

"Right," TenCents and Emily quickly said.

Amy opened her eyes. "Why is she here again?"

"Yeah, why are you here?" TenCents asked, with a puzzled expression.

"I figured you'd need the name of the pawn shop," said Emily.

"You could've just told us," Amy replied.

"Well, it doesn't matter, 'cuz I'm staying. TenCents needs a human friend," Emily said.

"That is right!" TenCents said. "Wait, what...?"

They walked into the pawn shop.

"What a shady shop!" TenCents said.

"What do you expect from a pawn shop?" Amy asked.

The owner walked up to them. "Hello, good friends!" he said. "Can I interest you in any items?"

"My friend bought this from you a year ago," said Emily, holding up her wrist. "I was wondering if you could tell us where it came from."

The pawn shop owner put on his glasses and looked at the bracelet.

"Hmm," he said thoughtfully. "I there something wrong with your face, son?"

TenCents perked up. "What?"

"Well, I can't help but notice that you can't stop scratching it."

TenCents looked at his hand. A little blood was on them.

"Nothing," he said, hiding his hand. "You don't by any chance have some Sarna, do you?"

"I'm afraid not," said the owner. "But there's a pharmacy down the street. Anyways, I bought this from a factory a few blocks from here." He handed them the address. "Not sure if I can help you with anything else."

"Is this Captain America comic book for sale?" asked Amy.

They all looked at her, puzzled.

"Hey, I'm not deprived of all things!" she complained.

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