Video flickers. A blurry image appears. All of a sudden, it clears up, and TenCents is shown.

TenCents: Ok, if you're seeing this, it means something really bad has happened to me. [scratches face] Why am I so itchy? Ok, I've been doing some research lately with EpicnezzEmily. We've been investigating why people weren't taken by Doranor. What I never told her was the fact that I know that something is up. A lot of people weren't taken for a reason. I just don't know why. But it definitely has something to do with Doranor.

When I was doing my research, I came across a few results that said "Hunger Games." I wasn't sure what The Hunger Games has to do with whatever's happening, but it's not good!

Now, I also have something else people should know. I've been having these weird dreams lately. And one of them has really bothered me. I had a vision of myself tearing my face off. And I felt like I wasn't half-there. Then I tore the other half off, and I wasn't in control. My body was possessed by a mad killer. But then I woke up. You could say it was a bad dream, but it was different. It was kind of like the dreams I had from the memories Doranor erased from my mind. I don't know why, but I think whoever is behind the remaining people wants me out of the picture. Which means I'm not gonna be able to help whoever is watching this.

So I'm here to leave you a few tips.

  1. Never trust your best friend.
  2. Not everything is at it seems.
  3. Some things are better left secret.
  4. Time is easy to control, as long as you know how to control it.

Why did I say that last one? I'm not sure. But that phrase kept on popping up in my head.

I'm sending this video to all iCarly Wiki members. If you get this, you need to keep my tips in mind. Somehow, everyone is gonna be brought together in their own way. And I don't know how, but I suspect it might help us bring back our lost friends.

Good luck.

Static appears. Video stops. Then, just as suddenly, TenCents appears again, looking peeved.

TenCents: [sigh] Turns out my laptop was doing a recommended search thing: my sister was looking up pictures of Liam Hemsworth when she found my laptop. Ok, another dead end. I'm at a loss. But remember my four tips.

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