Here's an excerpt from my upcoming story, "iWill Have a Choice."

Aaron and Freddie found themselves in a place that Freddie hadn't seen in an extremely long time.

"Look familiar?" Aaron asked, scratching at a zit.

Freddie gulped. "This is where I first met Carly," he said finally. "3rd grade playground."

"Sheesh," Aaron said. "Don't make such a big deal about it."

"I've got 6 hours to make the biggest decision of my life..and my death!" Freddie snapped. "I can make as big of a deal as I want!"

"Oh look!" Aaron said, ignoring Freddie's outburst. "There're the 3rd graders coming out for recess!"

Freddie looked. Sure enough, several kids went running out of Ridgeway Elementary School. He spotted a small boy reading a copy of Popular Science.

"Holy cheeses," he said. "That's me!"

"No duh," Aaron muttered.

A brunette girl walked up to the young Freddie. "Hi there," she said.

Young Freddie looked up and stared at the girl.

"I remember that moment as if I saw it a few seconds ago," Freddie said.

"Good way of putting it," Aaron replied.

"I'm not getting hotter," the girl said. It was obvious that she was Carly.

"Uh-huh," young Freddie swallowed.

"From then on it was love," Freddie said dreamily. He noticed that Aaron was staring at him awkwardly. "One sided," he said quickly.

Aaron walked over to the 2 young kids. "How are you attracted to her?" he said. "She doesn't even have boobs yet!"

Suddenly Freddie felt uncomfortable. "There goes the entire 3rd Grade," he groaned. "Can you take me somewhere else?"

"Ala-co-ping!" Aaron yelled, punching Freddie in the nose. There was a loud bang and the love at first sight meeting vanished from Freddie's view. Of course, who can think of love when their guardian angel has just given them a bloody nose?

So, whaddaya guys think?

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