A while back, I made a blog post about how Spaghetti Tacos are a popular meal in the real world. I think I know why people like spaghetti tacos; there's something about the crunchy, soft, saucy taste. Ok, that may have come out wrong.

To make spaghetti tacos, I use El Paso "Stand n Stuff" shells. I use them because they are bigger, and easier to fill. You might have some trouble with breaking shells, though. I also use Barilla Spaghetti. And for the sauce, I use Silver Palate Tomato Sauce. It has a nice flavor, which goes great with the tacos. But most of all, it's healthy (and the owner is one of my friend's grandfathers).

Of course, you can heat up the tacos any way you want. But whatever you do, don't use the toaster oven! There is a possibility of it catching on fire! You can use an oven, although that might take a while. I recommend using a microwave at a time of 30 seconds. 45 seconds and the tacos start to bubble (something that I'm pretty sure shouldn't happen). Around 2 shells is enough if you cook one serving of spaghetti; add 2 more depending on the serving number. Remember, one side will be crunchier than the others.

With the spaghetti, I heat it on Med-high on the stove. I put in water (how much will vary depending on how much spaghetti you want). When the water is about boiled, I throw a little salt (too much will make the stuff taste terrible, and I know this from experience) in. When the water is boiling again, I put at least 2 servings of spaghetti in. If I'm feeling particularly hungry, I add one more serving. I let it cook for 11 minutes, or less, depending on how soft the pasta is when I taste it. When it's ready, I turn off the stove, put the cover on it (i recommend a cover with holes on the top) and dump the hot water into the sink. I then put the sauce in (for quick warming up, use a microwavable cup for about a minute, and if you're feeling slowish, use a stove). I put the spaghetti in a bowl and use tongs to put them in the taco.

It's messy eating, but it's delicious!

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