Well, with the end of iCarly looming, I guess this is as good as any time.

As you know, I was at summer camp for three weeks, which naturally meant I couldn't go on the wiki. And I realized that while I have made plenty of friends on the wiki over the past two years, I really didn't miss it. Therefore, I am formally announcing my departure from the wiki.

I'd like to thank the admins (both former and current) who helped me get into my current position. I'd also like to thank the various users I have befriended over my time on this wiki.

Before I leave, let it be known that I will occasionally come by on chat to say hi, or when a new episode comes I might edit a page. I just won't be here as often as I used to be. I have too many commitments and other things in my life to come on here.

Believe me, this was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made. Au revoir to iCarly Wiki!

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