My new FanFic, "iWill Have A Choice," which is currently in the works, tells the story of Freddie getting hit by a car and is placed in limbo while he goes into cardiac arrest in real life. His guardian angel gives him the choice of either dying and crossing over or being revived. Freddie will consider leaving his bad life, but the angel shows him his entire life through a montage. There will be Seddie and Creddie in it (a first for my stories), but I'd like to know who you want Freddie to end up with, or if he'll just end up with no one.

Who Should Freddie End Up with in the End?

The poll was created at 01:40 on January 11, 2011, and so far 53 people voted.

Also, I need suggestions on stuff his guardian angel Aaron Slive (he shares the name of a character I scrapped) shows Freddie. It would take too long to detail every episode, so I need important moments in Freddie's life.

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