Ok, before I start off, I just want to let everyone know that I'm saying an admin; most of the admins already gave their opinions, so I can't say I'm the only one who gave their point of view on the Katydidit incident.

Honestly, if I had known more, I would have been creeped out. Katydidit sounded like a girl. He was saying how Jennette looked "gorgeous" and whatnot. I recently remembered an incident where I mentioned stuff about learning that someone at my school had neon bras on the Build-a-Bra page. Katydidit went into this whole thing asking whether they lit up and if I saw the girl's "you knows." Frankly, I didn't, but after finding out that Katydidit is a 48 Year-Old Man, I wonder if I should've brought that up in the first place.

Ok, frankly, I shouldn't have brought that up. As an admin, I should've known better.

See, that's the point. Katydidit was an admin, so he should've known better. But he didn't. That's what got him banned.

And now for something slightly different

This is a message to the people who were complaining that the admins had ignored all obvious signs that Katydidit was a pedophile. We are not perfect; we don't know everything that goes on. I, for one, never have time nor bother to look at someone's twitter or what they do outside the wiki. So sometimes these things are unavoidable.

Thank You.

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