Starting in 2 weeks (first Sunday of December), a new multi-chapter story will be posted, with new chapters weekly.

And we call it [drum roll, please]...

The Legend of Hank &


Well, that's not to say they're legendary. Actually, they're kinda dorky. Real ganks. But they like iCarly. That's gotta have some roots to it.

The Legend of Hank & Frank will be posted on iCarly Wiki's own The Chizz Weekly, and will be penned by yours truly...well, typed, because unless I have some sort of app...anyway, it'll be posted weekly, but I don't really know when it'll thing's for sure, I am not doing 52 chapters!

In the meantime, subscribe to The Chizz Weekly for more interesting articles...probably ones even more interesting than Hank and Frank!

'Course, that's not to say they're not interesting. You're definitely gonna laugh.

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