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if iCarly went to Good Burger

TenCents October 11, 2010 User blog:TenCents

ed is playing around with the cash register.
Ed: I'm a dude! He's a dude! She's a dude! Cause we're all dudes, yeah!
Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer come in
Carly: Hello!
Ed looks at them
Ed: Uh, welcome to good Burger, home of the good burger, may i take your order?
the iCarly gang look at each other
Spencer: Yeah, what do you recommend for us to eat?
Ed: Oh, I recommend a pizza!
Spencer: Ok, we'll have that.
Ed: I'm sorry! We don't sell pizzas!
Carly: So why did you recommend it?
Ed: You said I should recommend something!
Sam: Dude, if you don't get me some food, I'm gonna eat all the people in the room!
Ed: Ok!
Spencer: Uh, our order?
Ed: Uh, welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, may I take your order?
Spencer: Um, we'll order 4 good burgers with extra mustard and Ketchup, and 4 extra large good shakes.
Ed: Uh, ok! [leans towards mic] 4 good burgers with Extra mustard and Ketchup, and 4 extra large good shakes!
[The 4 good burgers are taken out. Ed puts them on the tray, takes a mustard bottle and ketchup bottle, and starts to douse the burgers in mustard and ketchup until you can't see the actual burgers. He then fills 4 garbage cans with good shake mix] That'll be 8 bucks!
Spencer: [eyeing the meal laid before him with obvious distaste] Isn't that a little low for that much?
Ed: Ok! 2.50!
Carly: Forget it! We're leaving!
Ed: Ok! Come back tomorrow!

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