• Thaisers

    May 14

    May 14, 2010 by Thaisers

    Happy Birthday Miranda Cosgrove! (=

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  • Thaisers

    I found the community of Orkut, the Icarly! A forum that had the episodes on Icarly = D I see the episodes that I saw! - I was not without seeing many, then I have finished to see all the episodes /, only those who have not seen are the 3rd Season! And now I see! - Not all of course!You only have 9, the 3rd season to see ...

    But I'm happy with it! = D

    Lalalala Now I can see the episodes that I saw the Icarly! - That I've seen, I found it Thursday. I've seen all that he had not seen the 1st and 2nd season (few) and now all that's left of the 3

    Still got the news that Icarly will return in April for the channel open here in Brazil!

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  • Thaisers

    fan crazy - Icarly -

    February 20, 2010 by Thaisers

    It's not just about Icarly but about a crazy fan that may no longer be able to watch the program!Icarly'' 'was passing in an open channel in Brazil! 'But just today, and I'm very sad! Was very fond of 'Icarly, and I have a nick so I can watch. I seriously almost crying here! I want the DVD I do not know, I have the nick at the moment but it will be a bit hard! Today I found the Icarly Wiki and saw a picture of freddie and carly of kissing and I've never seen this episode, I was very curious and sad because they did not see. I looked at you tube to see the video had comments saying that it was false, but I do not know anything. 'I am very sad right! I put up on twitter 'Someone there can give me a DVD Icarly or a pre paid subscription to Sky? -…
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