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    Happy late turkey day! Even though I already told you in a recent blog happy EARLY turkey day...but...oh who cares happy THANKSGIVING!

    I am back and have little time now to go on. As I said before you name it I am probably busy doing it. Oh what a world!

    Anyway, what did you think of iStart a Fanwar??!!??

    I thought it was really funny and good! Jack Black was the perfect man to play the role of Asparthamay! Don't you think? He's crazy and funny! I also like the "Fat Shakes" that was really clever.

    Now a majority of fans hated it. They are mad because no one got together and are thinking they are making fun of Seddie and Creddie fans. Well I clear it up. Dan probably doesn't want to start making people date this early in the season. I mean it w…

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    Ok, I know this is kind of early especially since Thanksgiving is next week. But I will not be around next week too much to post any blogs so this one is just wishing you a very happy turkey day!

    If you comment I'm looking for awesome Thanksgiving stories, funny moments, and such that happened at your Thanksgiving table. Because I really want to hear how many people enjoyed their Thanksgiving!



    I am almost positive that there will NOT be a couple at the end of the episode. Just my opinion. Because Dan likes to wait till the end to do an EPIC FINALY! Who are you voting for Creddie or Seddie?


    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 just came out today at 12 AM!! I didn't go since it's al…

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    November 9, 2010 by TheBeatlesFreak

    Hellooo again! Ok to start things off I would just like to say for my "Jennette vs. Miranda" blog I do not think that one is better than the other. I am just simply asking what the fans have to say! I am not insulting any of the girls. Because they both are really pretty, talented, and have great personalities. Sorry for any confusion.

    So anybody see the new WAKE UP SPENCER!!!???

    If you don't know what that is I'll tell you. On they have little skits they do and one happens to be "WAKE UP SPENCER!!!" that's when Sam and Freddie wake up Spencer at like 3 or 4 in the morning and say crazy things to him when he's half asleep.

    Did anyone see the new one?

    I thought it was so funny! I like how in the beginning it shows Sam and Freddie sta…

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    Hi-di-ho! Ok, the winner for Jennette vs. Miranda (even though both are amazing and super talented) is...

    Jennette McCurdy!

    I like Jennette better, but Miranda is awesome too. So congrats Jennette!

    Anyways, as I was pondering in my room one day I thought of something...they should reaally sell penny-tees! I mean I would buy them. That would actually be a new fashion.

    Let's think of the reasons why they should sell them

    1. It would get iCarly and Nickelodeon a lot more money and publicity.

    2. It would brighten a person's day by looking at someone's shirt and it reads "Church Pants". I mean to me that would make me smile and laugh.

    3. It would make iCarly a new hit style!

    So comment on what you think they should do. Penny-Tee's ROCK!

    Maybe they do ha…

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    I'm baaack!!! (Creepy laugh) oh nevermind...

    How you all doing? Ok this blog is about who is better and why. Leave comments on your favorite and I will announce the winner in the next blog. This doesn't count as Carly vs. Sam

    You can tell me in your comments (suggestions)

    Why you dislike the other person?

    Why you choose the one over the other?

    What do you like about the person you chose?

    Or give random and fun facts about that person

    Anything you want!!!

    PLEASE do not get in fights or whatever with commenting don't want it getting out of hand. Everybody has opinons! (if spelled right)

    I'm hoping to get more than like 5 votes, so tell your friends! neighbors! uncles! dogs! cats! underwear! local hobos! anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tune in like maybe tomorro…

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