Hello again! It's currently October 31st and you know what that means!!! HALLOWEEN! Comment on what you're being. I'm being pepper and my other two friends are being salt and a chef. Pretty creative! Anyways, I just read some seddie fanfiction and there really, really good. I suggest:

iGo Looking While Lost- (personal fav) Carly, Sam and Freddie go to a haunted house. When Sam and Freddie go in they hold hands and are scared so hundle together. Then Carly goes in by herself. She doesn't come out for a long time so they go into find her. Turns out the actors are really weirdos and trying to kill them. Sam and Freddie grow closer together as they become aware they are not making it out of there.

Hey Princess- Sam and Freddie go to a dance together, but it's masquerade so they don't know who there talking to. Hard to explain, but really romantic.

iGet Protective- After Sam's boyfriend hurts Sam, Freddie gets mad. He tries to help her when she claims she's fine. What will her boyfriend do next and how will Freddie react?

Don't Give Up- When Shadow Hammer returns, his plot is to kidnap Sam so it will drive Freddie crazy. When they are in an accident and Sam is taken away, what will Freddie do?

So look these up they are very, very good and trust me I couldn't wait for the next chapter I checked in like every few minutes hours maybe? Just check them out and you'll understand. Happy Halloween! I got to go, going trick or treating!!!

iCarly: Spaghetti Taco Night this Friday! Showing all episodes that have spaghetti tacos in them. Saw two commercials last night, maybe you'll see them today! Hmmm now I'm in the mood for some. TTYL COMMENT BYE!

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