Ok, I know this is kind of early especially since Thanksgiving is next week. But I will not be around next week too much to post any blogs so this one is just wishing you a very happy turkey day!

If you comment I'm looking for awesome Thanksgiving stories, funny moments, and such that happened at your Thanksgiving table. Because I really want to hear how many people enjoyed their Thanksgiving!



I am almost positive that there will NOT be a couple at the end of the episode. Just my opinion. Because Dan likes to wait till the end to do an EPIC FINALY! Who are you voting for Creddie or Seddie?


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 just came out today at 12 AM!! I didn't go since it's already sold out. But I heard good reviews about it. My friends Bri, Phil, Anthony, Regina, Melissa, and I are going to see it this Sunday. I can't wait!!!! We're all drawing scars on our foreheads and then putting signs on our backs that say

Bri- Harry

Regina- Potter

Anthony- And the

Me- Deathly

Phil- Hallows

Melissa- !!!!!!!

We're losers! :p

Anyway sorry I haven't been active on here lately, I have been so busy. Parties, school, homework, play practice, guitar, Harry Potter plans, you name it I'm doing it. Next week it's the school play so I won't be around long since they are very long practices. We're doing High School Musical!

ALSO Nathan's B-Day was yesterday so here's a shout out to Nathan! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Nathan....happy birthday to you! Make a wish! Enjoy life as an 18 year old!!

Well that's about it for today


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