I'm baaack!!! (Creepy laugh) oh nevermind...

How you all doing? Ok this blog is about who is better and why. Leave comments on your favorite and I will announce the winner in the next blog. This doesn't count as Carly vs. Sam

You can tell me in your comments (suggestions)

Why you dislike the other person?

Why you choose the one over the other?

What do you like about the person you chose?

Or give random and fun facts about that person

Anything you want!!!

PLEASE do not get in fights or whatever with commenting don't want it getting out of hand. Everybody has opinons! (if spelled right)

I'm hoping to get more than like 5 votes, so tell your friends! neighbors! uncles! dogs! cats! underwear! local hobos! anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tune in like maybe tomorrow or in a few days (my latest will be friday) to see the winner. STOP READING THIS AND GET VOTING! :)


Who Do You Like Better?

The poll was created at 07:54 on November 4, 2010, and so far 31 people voted.

Katydidit 07:56, November 4, 2010 (UTC)

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