Hi-di-ho! Ok, the winner for Jennette vs. Miranda (even though both are amazing and super talented) is...

Jennette McCurdy!

I like Jennette better, but Miranda is awesome too. So congrats Jennette!

Anyways, as I was pondering in my room one day I thought of something...they should reaally sell penny-tees! I mean I would buy them. That would actually be a new fashion.

Let's think of the reasons why they should sell them

1. It would get iCarly and Nickelodeon a lot more money and publicity.

2. It would brighten a person's day by looking at someone's shirt and it reads "Church Pants". I mean to me that would make me smile and laugh.

3. It would make iCarly a new hit style!

So comment on what you think they should do. Penny-Tee's ROCK!

Maybe they do have an idea coming after they made the episode, iSell Penny-Tees. Who knows?

Well if you do know, tell me. I would like to buy one.

Also guess who's birthday's coming up?

NATHAN KRESS'S BIRATHDAY!!! He's turning 18 years old on November 18th.

Well that's about it for this blog. Comment. Smile. Laugh. Scream at the sky. The usual stuff

Bye! :)

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