Happy late turkey day! Even though I already told you in a recent blog happy EARLY turkey day...but...oh who cares happy THANKSGIVING!

I am back and have little time now to go on. As I said before you name it I am probably busy doing it. Oh what a world!

Anyway, what did you think of iStart a Fanwar??!!??

I thought it was really funny and good! Jack Black was the perfect man to play the role of Asparthamay! Don't you think? He's crazy and funny! I also like the "Fat Shakes" that was really clever.

Now a majority of fans hated it. They are mad because no one got together and are thinking they are making fun of Seddie and Creddie fans. Well I clear it up. Dan probably doesn't want to start making people date this early in the season. I mean it would ruin the show. It's a good shock at the end but that would totally make it just awkward and stuff. I'm happy no one got together in the end. (MY OPINON) Also those were OBSESSED and I mean REALLY OBSESSED fans! The ones that would actually pay $$ for like a snip of their hair or a tissue! Crazy. He was just making the really obsessed iCarly fans become freaks. APOLOGY TO ALL THE FANS WHO WOULD ACTUALLY PAY MONEY FOR THEIR HAIR OR TISSUE.

AND...did anyone read Jennette's new blog? It's called "Jumpin Gigawatts". Its really cool. She shares all her interesting stories. So go check it. Here's the link: and you'll be at her homepage! She only has 3 blogs posted but their really good. So Jennette fans go see it!

Well...I think that's about it for today's blog. I won't be on a lot as I used to so there won't be another blog in a few days or weeks. Sorry for all people who like reading this (I doubt there is really any people who do) but if you do, THANK YOU! and comment and stuff and i'll try to get back to ya



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