Are you, Creddie and Seddie fans, ready for the EPIC ICARLY MOVIE? I know I am...

Coming November 19th, 2010 is iStart a Fanwar!

Ok there's not much about the plot, but what I do know (by commercials, danwarp, and is that Carly, Sam, and Freddie are going to Webicon. Once they get there, a major battle comes into place between Seddie and Creddie fans. (GO SEDDIE!) Anyway, Spencer faces his online gaming nemisis played by the wonderful Jack Black!

Personally, like all iCarly episodes, I think it will be amazing! I'm excited! I don't think their will be a couple at the end. Why you ask in amazement? Because that's how Dan is. He likes to make one finaly where it all happens. Zoey 101 for instance, who got together at the end? Logan and Quinn and Zoey and Chase. I hope that does happen. That would be so cool! I think (MY OPINION NOT THE TRUTH) is that Sam and Freddie will be together. I mean he dated Carly once and it didn't work well. Maybe she doesn't want to get together again and would make a lot of more people tune in. Oohhh! I can't wait.

Also anyone ever hear of the hit punk rock girl band "Care Bears on Fire"? At fist I thought lame name they got no talent. But after hearing some of their songs, I relized they are amazing! Personally I would listen to "Everybody Else" and "Barbie Eat a Sandwich". And you know the Nick commercials where they slim all Nick stars? The song in the background is "Woke up in the morning" by them. And that PayLess shoe commercial has their cover song called "Everybody wants to Rule the world". Also new Degrassi tonight (Umbrella Part 1). Can't wait for that too!!!


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