The first season of iCarly M.U.S. began airing on December 20, 2011. It is consisted of 20 episodes.


iMake a Webshow- Carly, Sam, and Freddie start iCarly.

iHide From Spencer- Spencer tries to get the kids to help him build a sculpture, and they all hide from him in very strange places.

iLove Dallas- Carly gets a crush on Dallas, a new foreign-exchange student from Australia.

iScrape My Uvula- Sam scrapes her uvula, and can't do the show, so Carly tries to get someone to fill her spot. Meanwhile, Freddie plays Love Triangle when he has two dates in the same place at the same time.

iOU- Spencer owes Carly $450, and now she wants her money, of she'll tell their dad that Spencer quit law school. So Spencer picks up a few jobs at the mall to raise her money.

iTake the Wrong Train- Sam and Freddie take a train to Canada on accident when trying to get props for an upcoming webisode of iCarly.

iDare You To....- The gang plays a game of Truth or Dare and when Carly dares Sam and Freddie to kiss, they do, and now they're both at crossroads trying to conflict their feelings.

iOpen Freddie's Closet- Sam opens Freddie's closet and finds a poster of herself, and she kisses him in retaliation, beginning their relationship.

iNever Did That!- Carly is accused of stealing Freddie's camcorder and recording an inappropriate video. In the end, it was confirmed Carly didn't do it, but it was never revealed who did.

iSee a UFO- Sam claims she saw a UFO. Carly and Freddie don't believe her. It was revealed that it was her neighbor who accidentally threw a boomerang in her yard.

iMiss You- Dallas goes on vacation, and Carly spends all the time trying to get over the fact that she misses him greatly.

iKept This Secret For Years- Freddie kept a major secret for years.

iFreak Out- Carly freaks out when her old enemy Kim shows up.

iEx- Still adjusting to their relationship, Sam and Freddie find out that Sam's ex Billy shows up.

iD- The trio uses fake IDs to get into a Cuttlefish concert in a 18 and over club.

iRiot- The gang participates in a riot.

iImagine- The gang wonders what life would be like if their roles were divorced.

iWant the NewPearPhone- Carly goes nearly insane awaiting the release of the new PearPhone.

iThrow A Party- The gang throws a party while Spencer's away.

iHave to Leave The Show?- Freddie's mom tells him he has to quit iCarly after she gets a new job, and they have to move away.

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