iCarly's fandom is pairing based for some reason, unlike Dan's other shows except maybe Zoey 101.. Meh, it's like Harvest Moon. We're not gonna talk about the plants there, we're not gonna talk about "humor" here.

Anywho, do you recall when you first began shipping your main shipping? Or around when? Why?

I don't recall why I began shipping Cam, but I just did. I didn't think much of the show early on, I just randomly began watching it because Spongebob wasn't on, and oddly enough it was premiere night for the series, but I considered it filler nonsense at the time. I eventually began watching it more, and I first became attracted to it around iDream of Dance or iHatch Chicks.

Around either one of those episodes I began shipping Cam. It began with light things like "They would be so good together" or "They're cute together, they should be a couple". I suppose I just liked their interactions, and I saw subtext.

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