You know what's funny: I knew all along they'd break up in iLove You. I knew it, I prepared for it...but it's sad to see.

Anyways, here are my thoughts on the break-up:

1. I did love how they answered the question from iThink They Kissed. That was a good idea to finally have the answer, which was: Freddie found it fun. :P

Am I the only one who caught that? Hmmm...

2. A lot of Sedders are confused, but I think I get it. I think Dan was basically trying to say that they loved each other, but they just couldn't be together because it was awkward. Either that, or they loved each other in a different way than romance...but in more of like a brother-sister way. I really hope it's the first way, though. I don't want them to not have that romantic connection :(.

3. Cheer up, Seddiers, we've got a lot to be proud of. No offense to any Creddiers at all, but Seddiers, we won. WE made Seddie happen. Even if it didn't last, it doesn't mean that it didn't happen. It wouldn't have if it weren't for us, trust me. I could tell. It was going to end in Creddie. So, yeah, Seddie didn't last, but...try to think of what we did. Together. And we should fall...together. So cheer up your Seddie pals that are on Wikia, and let them know that. And see it as a kind of good thing. I mean, the show started with three best friends...even though they went through romantic issues, don't you think (unlike most shows) it should end without a romantic connection? With three best friends?

4. UGH! CARLAY! I didn't like how Carly was the one who kind of caused this. She was the one who brought it up and stuff, and I honestly think Sam and Freddie should've figured it out on their own.

5. They said it. They said they loved each other. That kind of consoled me a bit. But just A BIT.

6. There's nothing left to do but wonder: what happens now? Hopefully it goes back to the usual bickering. I have to admit: I kind of do miss it.

7. I did like the open ending. As long as none of them get a bf/gf...THEN I'LL BE MAD! >:(

8. Too bad...I was looking forward to seeing Sam jealous of Nora's affection all over Freddie in iStill Psycho. I hoped, I prayed, I dreamed...oh well.

Wow, I just looked up...long list, for, like, a two-minute scene.

Whatever. Those are my thoughts.


If I did, my rating would be in the negatives ;). Because even though I'm trying to see it as a good thing, let's not forget that i'm a Seddier, and I love them to pieces TOGETHER!

Later Taters!,


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