Honestly, even though I'm a Seddie shipper...I didn't really rave over the episode. I actually kind of didn't like it.


1. They had a lot of sweet moments. LOVED IT! So awesome. It wasn't super mushy, which I was really happy to find out.

2. The puppy was cute.Totally and INSANELY cute!

3. Not as much kissing as I thought there'd be. I was REALLY happy that they only kissed twice in this episode! I just thought it'd RUIN Seddie if they turned TOTALLY lovey-dovey!

4. Lastly, LOVED the end with Carly yelling at them. She was so funny and stressed out, and Sam and Freddie were just sitting there stunned. Best part of the episode.


1. They kept doing the same thing over and over. They fought, they kissed, they fought, they was boring and predictable, which obviously didn't make it fun or fluffy, or funny, really, and was the whole reason why I didn't like Creddie, but Seddie.

2. It didn't live up to expectation. Blame Nick or not, but in all honestly, it wasn't as GREAT as I thought it'd be. And it's sad to think, but they are outplaying Seddie. Like, bad. I've never had TOO much Seddie before. But I guess that was what was FUN about shipping them. The Seddie moments were hilarious, you never knew what was going to happen next, if they were actually going to end up together.

3. It was REALLY weird hearing Sam call him, "Baby." Was that just me, or did some people find it totally unlike her? It left me feeling a bit...awkward.

4. The mannequin had a thong. I found it a little...odd for a Kids TV show to have that, JUST saying.

5. It has open-ending thing, but we all know that they're going to stay together. If you didn't know about the arc, you could tell by the promo for iCan't Take It. I think they could have done a better ending to have me really ANTICIPATING next week's episode.

Overall, I think it was overplayed, but cute, boring, but had a great storyline, and was a little bit awkward, for me, at least.

Again, just my opinion, so please don't flame me.


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