OK, so, OMG! But I want to describe my favorite parts in this episode before I get to the awesome ending:

1. I absolutely LOVED how Freddie was really worried about Sam! It was so sweet, and I really could tell that he cared about her and was really worried about her.

2. Gibby, you never fail! Gibby was extremely gibby-ish in this episode and I totally loved him!

3. Great job, Jim! Jim Parsons made me roll on the floor with laughter each time a word came out of his mouth! I really enjoyed how he portrayed his character.

4. I really enjoyed the Seddie talk. It was definitely Sam-like for her to just try to deny it and pretend like it never happened. And I really loved Freddie during this talk. He was really supportive, and wasn't hammering question after question on her. My favorite part in this, though, was when Sam asked if he meant that, and when he said yes, that she listened and decided to leave (even though she couldn't).

5. It was awesome seeing Goopy Gilbert again, and it was awesome seeing the other girl talk about Seddie as well! They both took the words right from my mouth! Yes, even when Goopy said "Spaghetti!" because I love spaghetti!

6. The deep voiced guy ROCKED! Right when I heard his voice, I turned to my sister. The deep-voiced guy's line went magically with his voice and I loved it!

7. This episode was the one that made me laugh the most! It was sooo hilarious, and sooo amazing and incredible! Definitely worth the wait. :)

8. Duh! The KISS! Fellow Seddiers, don't just be excited about the fact that they kissed. But rather, the way Freddie kissed her. I mean, the way he did it was so absolutely sweet of Freddie, I almost wanted to kiss him! JUST KIDDING! Ha ha! Not going to touch Sam's man. But anyway, the way they looked when they kissed was so cute it made my heart melt! My sister SCREAMED! And she's not the type. She didn't even scream during iOMG. I just really hope they last.


9. I think it really showed Creddiers that Seddie CAN be sweet. Not rubbing anything in, but I really wanted an episode like this to come so Creddie could be open to Seddie.

So, that's it! I hope I get the iPod Touch so I can download this! The iPod I have right now doesn't have video, so...yeah.

Oh, wait!



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