Hey everyone! Zazeendot here.

I just wanted to let everyone who reads my Fanfiction story, iSee Sam's Diary, know that there will be a pretty BIG, surprising chapter, the first that I have a set date for, coming up August 20th, a week after the supposed air date for iLost My Mind! It should be uploaded sometime in the morning cuz I have to get up early on that day (my parents are making me practice for school...uck. High school's gonna be a PAIN), so, yeah...

Proudly Signed,



P.S. I just posted a BUNCH of Fun Facts on my profile, so be sure to check those out and show them to everyone you know when you have the chance! They're really interesting!!!

P.S.S. Here's a cute Seddie photo I found on DeviantArt, made by *jinjinbun! (Sorry it's a little off to the side...I'm not really sure why it wouldn't let me move it more to the center, it just wouldn't...)

Seddie Strangled by Straw by jinjinbun

I don't really know why I like this photo, I just do!

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