• TheSeddiestNub

    AWESOME news guys!!!!!

    I'm sooo very ecstatic about it

    But if u haven't already heard, then you've come to the right blog XD!

    iCARLY Has been nominated for THREE Emmys!!!!! Wooooohooo ;)

    3 !!!!!!

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  • TheSeddiestNub

    Ok This is A Sad Moment For All iCarly Fans Around The World.

    But we all know That iCarly Will End Eventualy.

    So I Would Like You To Discuss Your Opinion Of How Our Beloved Show Will End.

    Ships :

    Seddie : Why? , When? And How?

    Creddie: Why? When? And How?

    Cibby : Why? When? And How?

    Sibby : Why? When? And How?

    Other Ships : Why? When? And How?

    Or No Ships At All  : Why?

    Please Feel Free To Comment About Your Opinions =)

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  • TheSeddiestNub

    Seddie Poem

    March 30, 2011 by TheSeddiestNub

    Seddie Will Happen.

    Seddie WIl Rise.

    Seddie Will Not Be Comprimised.

    Seddie Will Happen,

    Seddie Will Rise.

    Just watch it Rising Before Your Eyes.

    Seddie Will Happen ,

    Seddie Will Rise,

    Watch it Fly Through the Skies

    Seddie Will Happen,

    Seddie Will Rise ,

    Sam Loves Freddie, No More Lies

    Seddie will Happen, Seddie WiIl Rise

    It is Just Love In Disguise.

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