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Hey hey! Toti is here! and I bring some news!

I am new founder of the new and future "Shut Up! Cartoons Wiki!" is about the new Youtube channel Smosh made. I'm making the grand opening now that I finished editing everything from the shows, but I need help from people!


Upcoming Series

I need people to help me make the upcoming series pages. I need the ones for Politicats, Comical Spill, Samurai! Daycare and Icons of Teens. I know Oishi High School Battle and Weasel Town pages haven't been made, but I am going to do them. If someone want to contribute please use the {{Infobox Series}} for the upcoming series pages. Use the following categories: Upcoming Series if it haven't premiere and Series.

Episode Articles

I haven't finished with these ones, but I need much help with them. I need the plotr, the cast and who are they playing (only if someone knows) and some trivias. There are some articles that have to be created like the last 2 episodes of Pubertina and Zombies vs. Ninjas (I think).


I am going to make the actual Userboxes. I have to finish with the characters userboxes, but I am going to make them. In Series Userboxes, I need to make the ones for the upcoming series.


If someone sees this and goes to Shut Up! Cartoons Wiki, and type in my Message Wall "I need a challenge!" I am going to pick 4 of you and going to make you help me, but is a secret what you're going to make because the 4 that comment first are the only ones and they're going to have different challenges and heres a hint: You have to do the challenge 25 times ;).

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