I would love to see Freddie defending Sam (obviously he has at times in the past), but something more impressive this time. It kind of bothered me that the bully in ibattle chip called Sam "honey" and Carly and Freddie weren't even phased at all. On one hand, I like how they're confident in Sam's ability to take care of herself physically, but from an emotional standpoint, I want Freddie to just be there for Sam. To say something like, "Don't you dare talk to her like that!" or fight for Sam when there's another guy, or comfort her when she's sad, anything! I'm not gonna start hating on Freddie or anything, I would just love to see a scene like that. I want to see a bit more compassion from Freddie because it's been written all over Sam's face since Sam and Freddie broke up that she's hurting. So guess what, Freddie? Stop following Carly around like a pathetic little puppy and remember the girl who always, and STILL loves you! For real. Not because you saved her life and not because you're just another cute guy, but because you're Freddie. The boy she knew since you were a scrawny little nerd. She was there the whole time. So don't let her get away.

And that's my rant, I'm just getting more anxious to see stuff like this with the end approaching.

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