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So I thought I would start listing my favorite parts of episodes. Here are some things I liked about the new episode:

  • "You ate the pepperonis!" "I did not! I swear on Freddie's grave!"
  • Carly sticking her nose in Sam's mouth
  • "Freddie, Gib-cheerleaders underwater!" Shhhhh! ""It's sad."
  • "I wish it was water!"
  • oh spencer... naked
  • Dingo channel-sing song dancey dance
  • "why are you so happy?" "I ruined a little boy's life!"
  • Spencer's good at roller blading!
  • Carly roasting a hot dog over Spencer's flaming roller blade
  • Sam and Freddie sitting next to each other at the table
  • Gibby holding Carly's face
  • Sam sticking up for the kid...and Freddie's face afterwards
  • "You've got 5 seconds to get out of here. 5,4,3,2,1! OUT!!"
  • T-Bo in the elevator playing golf "He's related to Chuck! He'll kill us all!"
  • "Where are you going?" "Across the street to buy some fruits!"
  • Gibby hugging Carly
  • "There is fruit where fruit shouldn't be!"
  • tickling the frog
  • Carly and Sam doing gymnastics (and Dan singing!!)
  • Carly leaving Sam and Freddie alone in the studio...we can dream, right?
  • "Who did this to you?" "Dora the Explorer! Who do you think?"
  • "What are we doing for dinner?"
  • phaser exploding
  • Sam has pretty hair!

Overall, a pretty good episode. It was classic iCarly.

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