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  • TheWheelie24

    So you know the thing when you stop a movie to go get some food or such and the actors on the screen just have totally weird faces right then?

    I was thinking about doing this as kinda a "game" (since we're all pretty bored here xD) with screencaps from iCarly or anything iCarly related. No matter if they're from actual episodes, videos from the website or from one of Dan's random behind-the-scenes-videos.

    They just need to look plain weird or amusing, whatever you find funny there! :D

    Example (poor Fredster! xD):


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  • TheWheelie24

    First, since it's a game, everyone's invited!

    Ok, I seriously got no idea why, but suddenly everyone on the Seddie page plays this random little game...

    Since its pretty Off-Topic and since the Seddie page got almost 1k comments within a day (!!), I decided to make an own blog for those who want to keep playing...;)

    Of course, it'd be even more fun if we invented more "categories" than just...

    ...Guess my birthday!

    ...Guess my age!

    ...Guess my hair color!

    ...Guess my origin!

    So be creative and random guys! :P

    Have fun! :D

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  • TheWheelie24

    First of all, this blog is meant for EVERY devoted shipper out there, even if it originally was a respond to @Creddie 4 real on @Sockstar1's "Prepare for iSeddie" blog (what's up with me and my replies always turning into blogs?? O_o NO, it did not get too long this time! :D). So it'd be great if you read @Sockstar1's blog, if you haven't read it yet, just to understand a tad bit more. It's not really that necessary after all, but you're of course allowed to read it nonetheless! :D

    Now, please, don't think of me as someone who thinks highly of herself, please not! It really is just my opinion after all, and it's actually supposed to be a little "food for thought" (a pretty "moral" blog after all...:D). Even if I take myself as the example here, I …

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  • TheWheelie24

    Ok guys, like my last blog, this was actually a reply to @CreddieLuv4eva (so I'd highly appreciate if you comment on this blog!) on SlickNickShady's "Some things are just implied" - blog, but it got WAY too huge (again...O_o), so I decided to do another blog. So, please ignore the "you" stuff. Unless you are @CreddieLuv4eva. xD

    If you got any questions about what she/he said in the blog, read it or ask him/her. :)

    Of course...being from Germany bla bla apologizing for all mistakes bla bla please ignore bla bla...if you happen to know me or my last blog, you probably know what I mean...;D

    Feel free to aggree, disagree and so on...But whatever you do, please stay polite an reasonable!

    Now here we go...

    @CreddieLuv4eva Pretty reasonable comment! C…

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  • TheWheelie24

    So guys...this was actually supposed to be a simple reply to a comment, but it got way too huge, so I decided to make a blog for it now.:)

    (First, I apologize for all the following mistakes, I'm from Germany, you know....xD)

    I always try to be as realistic as possible and I think nothing of nitpicks or assuming things based on rumors.

    And even if I really love Sam and Freddie together, I'm still a neutral shipper first! Like I said, I try to be realistic.

    Let's make some kind of "timeline", ok? ;)

    First: When making his blog about iStart a Fanwar, Dan said that "something HUGE will be happening on iCarly within the next few months and most of the fans will be extremely happy about it". He could had referred to iOMG, or not. But it's sort of likely tha…

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